Name: Tigerlily Leung
Birthplace: Hong Kong
Flower: Exotic asian lilies
Song: Flying Jelly Attack
by Shonen Knife
Author: Alexander McCall
Film: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
TV: Battle of the Planets

Tigerlily is a happy, optimistic sort of girl whose self-confidence is matched only by her exquisite taste, charm and warmth. She's treasured by the Pulliplove girls for her knack for putting together the perfect outfit on a very limited budget, and the gentle manner in which she dispenses terribly sensible romantic advice. Tigerlily is, above all else, a girls' girl.

Tigerlily runs a small and extremely chic boutique which sells lots of frippery and precious, sparkly things to women with more money than sense.

Favourite food:
Noodles! Tigerlily also loves dim sum, but her big love is noodles. Chilli chicken noodle soup, Pad Thai, king prawn chow mein, char siu cheung fun... Tigerlily also has a selection of high-end green and white teas, which she serves with beautiful china and ritual precision.

Favourite music:
Tigerlily thinks Björk is one of the most talented and inventive popular music artists ever, and she's right. Tigerlily also has a thing for girl bands - Shonen Knife, The Bangles, riot grrls, Elastica...

Cooking, knitting, recycling beautiful fabric, freshwater pearls, incense, selling clueless husbands the perfect present for their better halves.

Synthetic fabrics, badly-cut trousers, artificial air-fresheners, soggy sandwiches

Johnny Depp - he has the cheekbones and taste Tigerlily needs in a man.

Top Secret:
The girls think that Tigerlily disappears on Sunday afternoons for an aromatherapy massage. In fact, she heads to the local Oxfam shop and prices and irons clothes with her dear friends, Mrs Elsie Cawthorne and Mrs Ivy Pottingbottom, while sharing all the village gossip. ("Ooh, my lawkes, she didn't, did she?")