Name: Emmylou
Birthplace: Midwest USA
Flower: Sweet peas
Song: Like a Hurricane
by Neil Young
Author: John Steinbeck
Film: Clueless
TV: Six Feet Under

Emmylou is fiercely intelligent, but incredibly gentle. The first member of her family to even consider higher education, she won a scholarship to Oxford University, where she read mathematics and philosophy. As soon as she stepped off the plane, she fell in love with England and stayed. She's a high-flying accountant by day, but at night she helps local charities with their books for free. She's also keen on DIY, though not as successful as she - and the other Pulliplove girls - would like - they won't let her forget the incident with the rising water mains and the dress closet... Emmylou is very protective of the Pulliplove girls, and in between going to powersuit meetings she keeps an eye on the household affairs. Alice and Elfie sometimes get cross with her when she limits their clothing expenditure, but Lola May always backs her up.

Emmylou's city job demands sharp suits, early meetings and late nights. She's nearing the point where she can retire on her investments and cease to live the hectic city lifestyle which she's starting ro resent. She doesn't realise that she'll miss the pace a bit.

Favourite food:
She can take her pick from the haute cuisine that our capital has to offer, but nothing pleases her more than a proper roast, or bangers and mash. She believes that the heart of a meal is in the gravy.

Favourite music:
Emmylou was a technobunny in her day, but now likes more ambient music - Zero 7, Royksopp, Air, Boards of Canada and the Aphex Twin are more her style now.

Tweed, very exclusive handbags, posh face cream, fresh flowers, putting her trainers on after a day in heels, running in the park, cashmere socks, her Blackberry, when the two columns add up to the same number.

The Tube, junk food, cheap shiny suits, her laptop, noisy neighbours, running machines, difficult clients, helping said difficult clients dodge tax, when said difficult clients' two columns simply won't add up to the same number no matter how many times she tries.

Emmylou wants a strong man who'll let her shine without feeling threatened by her success. She hasn't found him yet. Lola May fears she may be getting a little disheartened.

Top Secret:
Emmylou has an irrational fear of paperclips - "nasty springy wiry sharp-ended spiky things". She is rather embarrassed by this. Her secretary manages to keep her phobia from being more commonly known, and therefore commands a salary 50% higher than the other girls in the pool. Emmylou makes this up out of her own pocket.