Name: Candy Skywalker
Birthplace: A Boeing 747 above the Atlantic
Flower: Scarlet pimpernels
Song: Waterloo Sunset
by the Kinks
Author: Philip Pullman
Film: Empire Strikes Back
TV: Lost

Candy is Clarice/Chloris's runaway cousin. She's been taken under Chloris/Clarice's wing because no one else has so far been able to keep her out of trouble. Candy has a grudging respect for Clarice/Chloris, and also admires her love of black and her aloofness.

Candy's life so far has involved creating mischief in rather a stellar way. Petty crime led to a rather unfortunate incident when, while retaliating against a rival school's gang from attacking her classroom, Candy was caught red-handed with a petrol can and a box of matches outside the rival school's gym - which was on fire. Candy's loaded but absent parents bought in a high class lawyer who managed to get Candy out of terrible trouble, but she was expelled and sent away.

One day, Candy would love to be the child her mother dreams of - she's just not ready for the twinset and pearls yet, although some affection would help.

Candy goes to school, supposedly. She truants a lot, but it's not all time wasted at the pool hall or sneaking into adult cinemas and snickering at the back. Conventional education doesn't engage or stretch her; she's happier reading dusty books in the rare section of her friend Mr Pippinstock's second hand bookshop.

Favourite food:
Fried chicken, burgers and fries, onion rings, chocolate malt milkshakes. If it's not calorific, Candy isn't interested. She also has a strawberry licorice habit.

Favourite music:
Old-school rock 'n' roll - the Rolling Stones, the Doors, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan.

Greek myths, dinosaurs, setting her own timetable, inter-railing on her mother's stolen credit card, rollercoasters.

School, teachers, PE lessons and team sports, algebra, being grounded by Chloris/Clarice, the Beatles.

Orlando Bloom - even though she thinks he's a bit too clean.

Top Secret :
Candy was born in international airspace, on the first class deck behind the cocktail bar, and delivered by Björn and Ronaldo, her mother's flight attendants. Candy doesn't know this, but her birthplace was strangely appropriate, given her place of conception...