Name: James St Clair
Birthplace: San Francisco
Flower: James prefers live coral
Song: By the Sea
by Morcheeba
Author: Hunter S. Thompson
Film: Jaws
TV: Stars in their Eyes

James is the tomboy of the Pulliplove house. She loves adventure sports, especially surfing, scubadiving and windsurfing. James's love of the sea means that she's also a passionate eco-campaigner. She's vociferous on the subjects of farming coral, selling sea shells, whale hunting and dumping waste in the sea.

James loves hanging out at her favourite beach cafe watching newbies fall off their boards. She tends to giggle, but she's always happy to pass on tips if they ask.

James is scathing about her hangers-on.

James is a professional surfer. She's sponsored by some of the hottest surf brands to hang out on the beach with surfer dudes and chicks, and she loves it. (Who wouldn't?)

Favourite food:
Barbecues on the beach as the sun sets, accompanied by ice-cold beer. James makes a mean coconut and lime marinade for chicken wings, and she adores barbecued sweetcorn slathered with unsalted butter.

Favourite music:
Trip-hop is James's vibe. Morcheeba, Massive Attack, Tricky and Moloko to chill out to, and Fatboy Slim for when she wants to dance.

Corona beer with a slice of lime in the top, coral reefs, MTV, sneakers, big waves, adrenaline rushes, sunscreen

Chlorine, high heels, wearing makeup, when sand gets into her sandwiches, flat sea, rain.

James has no time for boys who are wimps. That said, she's not into muscleheads either. She'd fancy Kevin Pietersen if it wasn't for those awful vests; she quite likes Justin Timberlake.

Top Secret:
James couldn't swim until she was 13. She asked for swimming lessons after seeing Baywatch. James has a lot of respect for the Hoff.