Name: Elfie Golightly
Birthplace: Montreal, Canada
Flower: Forget me nots
Song: I touch myself
by The Divinyls
Author: Mervyn Peake
Film: Whisper of the Heart
TV: Dr Who

Elfie is Cecily's long-standing partner, and is the naughtier of the two. She's a bit of a tomboy, and appears shy at first, though she's actually not. She has a habit of egging Cecily on to do Bad Things, and has no guilt when Cecily takes the rap for misbehaving. She is a little manipulative. She *ahem* wears the trousers in the bedroom. Lola May thinks Elfie's clothes are a little slutty, and she's probably right.

Elfie is an animator. Her dream is to get her own children's TV series made, featuring a group of female superheros with special powers. One of the characters is based on herself, and can turn invisible. Elfie would love to be able to do that. She'd like Cecily to voice her character's best friend, who can fly.

Favourite food:
Sushi. Elfie also loves Wagamama's. She doesn't like stodgy food, and is a little tedious on the subject of carbohydrates. This stems from her obsession with her legs, which she's very proud of.

Favourite music:
Elfie likes indie pop and J-pop. She has a soft spot for Britney Spears, too, especially since she started falling off the rails a bit.

Cecily, kittens, anime, Sanrio, *very* short skirts, big boots, slightly dodgy internet chatrooms, her Wacom tablet.

Blythe dolls, Disney, root vegetables (except carrots), short hair, twinsets and pearls, pushy people.

Drew Barrymore. It's the lips. Elfie likes kisses. She sometimes kisses people she probably shouldn't, but Cecily knows to turn a blind eye to this.

Top Secret:
It's rumoured that Elfie is behind the random secret acts of kindness which seem to happen in the Pulliplove house from time to time. No one knows for sure. (Except possibly Foofoo.)