Name: Cecily Madeleine Starr
Birthplace: London, England
Flower: Gardenia
Song: Heartbreaker
by Dionne Warwick
Author: Isabel Allende
Film: Amelie
TV: Angel

Cecily is the leader of the Pulliplove pack. If there's trouble, I generally know who started it... She's the spokeswoman, too, and corners me at least once a week with a list of demands, usually involving more clothes, accessories and treats. She's also terribly kind, especially to Elfie, to whom she is rather devoted. Cecily 's idea of a perfect day off is to stroll through Islington in London buying fruit, vegetables, fresh flowers and fresh bread, then taking it home and prettying up the house for a romantic night in with Elfie.

Chorus dancer. Cecily dreams of seeing her name in big lights in the West End. It may happen...

Favourite food:
Tea and crumpets. She also likes cream cakes and aniseed balls.

Favourite music:
Chopin, Debussy, Gershwin - something she can waft around the drawing room to. Cecily doesn't really have an interest in popular music, which perplexes Lola May and Elfie, but it does mean she can step in and break up the arguments they have over music.

Elfie, handbags, flowers, embroidery, vintage evening dresses, having her photograph taken.

Dogs, rain, umbrellas, dinner party bores, Andrew Lloyd Weber, pervy directors (she's well aware of the casting couch and steers well clear - which partly explains her chorus line status.)

Elfie. Cecily , far from being flaky, is strictly a one-woman girl. (Aww.)

Top Secret:
Cecily 's dislike of umbrellas and dogs stems from a childhood encounter with a grumpy old lady whose umbrella spiked her in the eye and whose stinky poodle then tried to bite her. Cecily has no qualms about taking the last seat on the No. 79 bus rather than letting an old lady sit down.