Name: Edith "Scout" Starr
Birthplace: London, England
Flower: Daisies
Song: Music when the lights go out
by the Libertines
Author: J.K. Rowling
Film: Lord of the Rings
TV: Roswell High

Scout is Cecily's younger sister, and the baby of the Pulliplove house. Idealistic, fiercely bright and tinged with the geeky brush, Scout's either found engrossed in a book or gazing dreamily at the NME posters on her wall. Scout's won the NME crossword three times.

Scout's idea of utter coolness is when Lola May takes her backstage at her gigs to introduce her to her idols. Lola May, who remembers being Scout's age, does this as often as she can.

Scout is studying for her A-levels. She hopes to go to university to read English literature. She adores the Brontës and Jane Austen, but gets truly fanatical about the latest Harry Potter release.

Favourite food:
Red skittles, pizza, proper puddings. Scout also has a taste for lashings and lashings of ginger beer.

Favourite music:
Whatever's hot in the NME - as long as they're pretty. ^_^

The latest indie boybands, parkas, staying out late and not getting caught, sneaking backstage for autographs, reading, writing her online Diary of Angst, Converse trainers

Cider (too many bad experiences), slimy older men, Avril Lavigne, naff bands (Coldplay, The Bravery)

This week, it's Carl from the Libertines

Top Secret:
Cecily is very strict with Scout ever since she was asked to leave her exclusive girls' boarding school, and Scout (now enrolled at a similar establishment as a daygirl) doesn't realise Cecily is perfectly aware that she shins down the drainpipe every Tuesday night to go indie clubbing. Silly Scout - she hasn't cottoned on that Elfie and Chloris keep an eye on her. Bumping into them isn't coincidence - but at least when Scout swears them to secrecy they only tell Cecily half of what she gets up to. (This is probably a good idea.)