Name: Bellatrix Bouvier
Birthplace: Aix-en-Provence, France
Flower: White tulips
Song: Shake yo' ass
by Mystikal
Author: Kinky Friedman
Film: Pulp Fiction
TV: Scrubs

Bellatrix is a go-getter who makes Emmylou look like a lap cat. Best in the boardroom, her sharp suits and sharper business instincts reduce the captains of the consumer goods industry to tearful, shuddering wrecks. Her PowerPoint presentations are legendary for their savage incisions into profit margins; her deals hallowed by whispered admiration from lesser colleagues.

Bella burns off all her aggression at work: at home, she's big-hearted and filled with laughter. Blunt and sometimes a little tiresome in her optimism, she'll always pick the other girls up if they're down - whether they want it or not.

Bella pretends that her work experience means she's terribly good with machines. In fact, she pays a local handyman to service the washing machine on the sly - although she can cook a three course meal for six in the microwave, without resorting to ready meals.

Ballsbreaking head buyer of white goods for a large and exclusive department store.

Favourite food:
Sushi, sandwiches, soup - it has to be fresh, healthy and portable as she's running for her plane.

Favourite music:
Missy Elliott, Patti Smith, 80s Madonna. Real girl power!

Cutting a deal, winning, making men cry, her expense account, hotel freebies (especially minibars and the chocolate mints she sometimes finds on her pillow), extremely expensive and well-cut coats.

Inflated prices, bad service (especially in restaurants - she's a scene-maker who'd make Michael Winner seem timid), running up hills, CD/DVD packaging.

Keanu Reeves in The Matrix.

Top Secret:
Bellatrix is accompanied wherever she goes by young, attractive, gushing male assistants. But the Pulliplove girls know her secret - a geeky Californian programmer upon whom she dotes via her Blackberry.