Name: Elisabeth "Bunny" Sunday
Birthplace: Surrey, England
Flower: Freesias
Song: Close to you
by The Carpenters
Author: P.G. Wodehouse
Film: Casablanca
TV: Gardeners World

Bunny is sweet, somewhat innocent and rather naïve. She's terribly enthusiastic, incredibly generous and hopelessly disorganised. Her life is a collection of lists written on the back of junk mail envelopes, covering everything from tonight's dinner to her dreams and aspirations for the next decade. Bunny is a dreamer, but her dreams always include a full house of friends, a table groaning with food, and lots of laughter.

It's worth noting that Bunny isn't as daft as her expression might sometimes belie. She reads people like Scout reads books: incisively and quickly. Her intuition is rarely wrong - especially when she takes an immediate dislike to someone.

To understand Bunny better, read the Story of Bunny Sunday.

Bunny doesn't work. She enjoys fussing over the other Pulliplove girls and trying out her innovative recipes on them. She thinks she likes gardening, but what she really means is that she likes cutting flowers and creating novel arrangements in glass vases.

Favourite food:
Although conventional in other aspects of her life, Bunny is nothing if not experimental when it comes to food. Her joy, though, is in the preparation and innovation. Elaborate garnishes, coulis and roux delight her. She has just mastered an avocado and chocolate souffle. Candy and Elfie wish she hadn't.

Favourite music:
Charlotte Church and "that nice young man" Will Young. Bunny loves BBC Radio 2 but thinks Johnny Walker is a bit risqué.

Foofoo, painting, cooking, breadmakers, expensive shoes, the makeup counter at Selfridges', cricket, her John Lewis account card, black cabs, properly-made beds.

Rimmel, Dolcis, ready meals, cheap mattresses, minicabs, Delia Smith ("so bossy!"), cashpoint machines ("so complicated!"), people (men or women) who don't hold doors open.

Bunny thinks Michael Vaughan is "frightfully noble".

Top Secret:
Clarice/Chloris thinks she spotted Bunny picking up knockoff Mulberry handbags from a hawker on Carnaby Street. Bunny strenuously denied this, while blushing.