Lola May
Name: Lola May Travers
Birthplace: Brighton, England
Flower: Cherry blossom
Song: Monkey gone to heaven
by the Pixies
Author: Douglas Coupland
Film: The Breakfast Club
TV: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Lola May knows what she wants, and knows how to get it. She's nobody's fool. Her band are famous, but not stratospheric, and that's the way she likes it. She's turned down big record deals to retain control over her band's musical direction. She is very protective of the other members, and also the identity of her boyfriends, of whom there are several - one in each major city she tours in, each one prettier than the last. She pretends to put up with Cecily and Elfie, but is actually very fond of them, even though they make her feel like a gooseberry sometimes.

Lola May is the lead guitarist and singer in a well-known indie rock band. She's the creative brains behind the act, and also keeps a close eye on the business side of things.

Favourite food:
Lola May likes steak, and she likes it bloody. She insists on organic free-range meat and eggs and organic vegetables. She's a little partial to alcoholic beverages...

Favourite music:
Whatever's cutting-edge. Lola May is always ahead of the crowd. If you're listening to it this year, she had it on white label a year ago.

Marshall amplifiers, personalised plectrums, tight jeans, big boots (she and Elfie fight/share over theirs), pretty boys with guitars, leather, vinyl (both clothing and records), glitter, beer, vodka.

The music industry, groupies, hangers-on, journalists, cheap shoes, hotel rooms, cider.

Tim Wheeler from Ash, but as she's cooler than he is, she couldn't ever possibly tell him, 'cause she knows he'd like her too and she's not prepared to be Queen Rock 'n' Roll to his King.

Top Secret:
Nobody knows this, but Lola May recorded the vocals for a well-known female superstar's most recent album. For a laugh. She plans to reveal this in her autobiography - which she'll write herself.