Name: Pollyanna Potts
Birthplace: Gloucester, England
Flower: Sunflower
Song: Only with you
by Teenage Fanclub
Book: Flora Britannica
Film: Stand by me
TV: Murder she wrote

Pollyanna is a sweet, wholesome girl who loves being outdoors. She's committed to the environment, as you can tell from her job. She makes the girls buy Fair Trade produce, grows organic vegetables in her allotment and insists on free-range meat and wild fish. Pollyanna believes that you really can change the world if you put your mind to it. She loves music and dancing, and climbs over the fence of the Glastonbury Festival each year. She has a tendency towards the hippie, which is where she and Hope connect.

Pollyanna is a park warden, like Percy the Park Keeper. In between watching out for injured red squirrels and feeding the geese, Pollyanna teaches groups of schoolchildren about forestry and why it's important to look after the environment around us. She knows a frightening amount about newts.

Favourite food:
Cheese and pickle sandwiches on brown bread and a flask of hot tea, so she can eat her lunch outside and share it with the birds.

Favourite music:
Birdsong, the Levellers, folk music. Pollyanna thinks you should all buy the Gemma Hayes album "Night on my side" and she's right, you should. She also thinks Richard Hawley's a bit special.

Wildlife, especially newts, toasted teacakes, hot cups of cocoa, a good night's sleep, waking up early and listening to the dawn chorus, her old bicycle which has one of those big wicker baskets on the front.

Crows and magpies, grey squirrels, cars, supermarkets (especially supermarket queues), the city.

Pollyanna thinks Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall is very hot for an ugly bloke.

Top Secret:
On her allotment, in what looks like a tumble-down shed, Pollyanna grows some special herbs which the police probably shouldn't get to know about...