Name: Grace Rosebud
Birthplace: The Cotswolds, England
Flower: Honeysuckle
Song: La Cathedrale Engloutie
by Debussy
Author: Margaret Atwood
Film: Gattaca
TV: Pet Rescue

Grace is floaty, beautiful and very fond of pink. She's supremely fashion-conscious, although she won't have any truck with garments which are totally frippery-free. Ruffles, bows and frills delight her, and velvet ribbon makes her squeak. She is also very ladylike - she loves gloves, hats and tea parties. She likes baking for the monthly coffee morning she hosts for the local children's hospice and she loves running the tombola at the church fête.

Grace has a tendency to sulk when she doesn't get her own way. She has the art of the pout down to perfection.

Grace designs pretty embroidered clothes and accessories for a well-known high street shop. She also creates a range of exclusive loungewear and lingerie designs for Tigerlily's boutique. They're some of Tigerlily's hottest items, and are decidedly impractical to wear.

Favourite food:
Dainty little morsels. Grace would live on canapés if the other girls would let her. She has a particular soft spot for vol au vents. Grace also loves patisserie, especially fruit tarts.

Favourite music:
Debussy, Chopin, and Beethoven for when she's angry/sulking.

Empire-line dresses, vintage lace, fine tailoring, linen sheets, Hungary water, Mason and Pearson hairbrushes, Smythson notebooks.

Sportswear, chocolate-scented perfumes, short haircuts, kitsch things, big brands, chunky jewellery, pet hair getting onto her cashmere jumpers.

A young Sean Connery

Top Secret:
Grace has a secret stash of Babycham tucked away at the back of the mini fridge in her bedroom. She actually prefers it to champagne, although she'd never tell... got sparkle, got life!