Name: Lettice Lovage
Birthplace: Oxford, England
Flower: Big floppy English roses
Song: Just like heaven
by The Cure
Author: Kathy Reichs
Film: Nightmare before Christmas
TV: Crocodile Hunter

Lettice is moody, grumpy, independent and attention-seeking. She has no qualms about stealing the last of the week's housekeeping money to spend it on a new jumper, and hasn't ever been known to give anyone her last rolo. Having said that, Lettice is quite fond of the other Pulliplove girls, especially James, Grace and Lola May, and she expresses her thoughtfulness through surprisingly nice and carefully-chosen presents at Christmas and birthdays. She's just not a people person.

Lettice is a highly skilled cat whisperer. If you've got a moggie (or, more likely, a pedigree) with an attitude problem, call Lettice and very shortly your hissing, spitting ball of fluff will be a purring, contented lap cat.

Lettice's occupation has given her a rather withering opinion of cat owners who pick a companion for looks. Lettice knows that they've got it the wrong way round - you have to let the cat choose you.

Favourite food:
Biscuits. Rich tea fingers, Nice biscuits, jammy dodgers, etc. Lettice also loves fish - especially smoked salmon or kippers on toast. She's not big on vegetables, especially green ones. She also likes sweeties.

Favourite music:
Lettice likes slightly goth-friendly music. Her favourite band is the Cure. She also loves the Velvet Underground. She takes pleasure in putting things on the Pulliplove stereo which encourage the other girls to leave the room.

Cats, Squeaky Monkey clothes, shiny buttons, chasing pigeons, dressing up, wild smoked salmon, her sticker collection, Hello Kitty.

Cat owners, pop music, getting sticky fingers, brussel sprouts, chores, static electricity.

Jim Morrison in his prime; Viggo Mortensen

Top Secret:
Lettice pretends not to like dogs, but (despite referring to him as "Stupid Doggie") she has a real soft spot for Foofoo. If the Sunday roast leftovers have vanished and Foofoo looks rather more portly and content than usual, Lettice is usually the culprit.