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Clean up at the Waterfall!

Cascade looks after the My Little Pony Waterfall. She helps all the little ponies stay nice and clean, and looking their best. This can sometimes be quite a job, as some of them have a habit of rolling in the mud, and others like messing up their hair. So, to make life a bit easier for you, I'm come up with some pony-cleaning tips to help you make your ponies beautiful.

Pony Cleaning Tips

When I first meet a new pony, I always give them a gentle clean with cream cleanser and cotton wool - whatever their state. Even if they're clean, it helps them feel more at home (they now smell like the rest of the ponies) and relaxes them - who doesn't like being pampered? Any *gentle* cream cleanser will do - I use the Body Shop's orchid oil cream. It's natural and seems to work quite well.   (Ignore the Princess Ponies when they try to wheedle a designer cream out of you - they can get a bit above themselves sometimes!)

For ponies who need more attention, sometimes a bath can help - but don't get them too wet or you'll get water inside them, and then their tails can rust. Lots of bubbles and a firm sponge normally does the trick - I use any bubble bath, if Bubbles isn't around to help.

If a pony is really mucky, then you can usually get the dirt off with nail polish remover. However, *be warned* - nail polish remover will also take off their symbols, their pink cheeks and their eyes, plus any other painted details. The way nail polish remover works is that it takes off the first layer of the pony. This is why stains, etc come out - but you also take off the pony's finish, and I don't think a pony ever quite feels the same afterwards. Best avoided except for small marks. If you've tried cream cleanser and bathing, then at least any dirt that's left is clean dirt. This is especially true for TAF ponies. You have been warned. Remember, dirty ponies are normally played-with ponies, and therefore they are *happy* ponies.

Once the ponies are nice and clean, they often like to visit Peachy in the Grooming Parlour, for a pony makeover.

Cascade and Duck Soup keep all the little ponies clean!
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