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Restore your pony

We're committed to returning ponies to their former glory at Little Pony Heaven, or making them into beautiful new ponies if they're too far gone. Visit Cascade at the Waterfall, and see Peachy primping at the Grooming Parlour.

We have also got a tutorial up - How to make replacement Flutter Wings. Feedback on the tutorial would be very welcome!

Peachy's assistant Catnip has also put together a page of her favourite pony cleaning and grooming kit. She promises to keep it updated as new pony products become available!

And once your ponies look lovely and beautiful, why not use our Pony Template to give them back the accessories they've lost along the way? The gif file contains templates for bandanas and nappies, as well as a cape template that can be adapted to clothe your ponies when it's cold. And there are also templates for the Dream Castle banners on there as well.
N.B. The circles show where you need to cut holes; the rectangles show where you need to sew on little pieces of Velcro.

Peachy and Twinkles
Peachy and Twinkles - team power leads to pretty ponies!
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