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Pony Community

Little Pony Heaven is just part of the large online MLP community.

In this section, you can get trading and buying advice, see my entries for Wolfie's 2004 Photo Hunt and the entries to my International Pony Day competition.

We run an online campaign at the Rescue Centre - P.O.O.P. - Ponies Out Of Plastic. Read about the campaign - and support us if you like!

See my wants list. I don't often have ponies for trade; when I do, I post them on the MLPTP trade board. I love to trade - and I keep a list of good traders.

Visit my links page for my pony website recommendations, or admire my adoptions, and if you have a website, please link to me!

Powder, my first pony from the online community, came from Taffeta.
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