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Peachy's Pony Primping Page

Peachy runs the My Little Pony Grooming Parlour with the help of Twinkles and Catnip, her furry feline assistants. It's her job to make sure all the ponies look pretty and primped. She also likes to keep them up to date with the latest pony fashions.

Before Peachy can even start work on a pony, she sends them to Cascade at the Waterfall for a good clean. As she says, "I can't create my art on a dirty canvas, now can I?!"

Then, after a good brush and a steam, she turns her attentions to the lucky pony's hair.

Hair Do's and Dont's

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A pony's best friends - her brush and comb!   Ponies' hair can also get very tangled. A good comb with a My Little Pony comb gets straight-haired ponies sorted out, but curly- or long-haired ponies need more TLC. Try bathing the hair and giving it a gentle wash in bubble bath (I find shampoo too harsh), and then combing the wet hair. This helps hair become straighter (if it was straight) and less frizzy (if it was frizzy). If the hair is really frizzy, try a little conditioner, then curl the wet hair around a pen or pencil and leave in the sun to dry. When you uncurl it, don't brush it, just give loosen the curls. This works well on Candy Cane ponies and the like.

Some ponies have extreme frizz (e.g. Perfume Puff ponies). I don't try to untangle these manes - they weren't meant to be that way. Using a My Little Pony brush, however, you can fluff them up so they look very sweet.

Most ponies are happy with the hair they were made with. Certainly, the shorter-haired ponies often look at their best with glossy manes, nicely curled under in a very classy, almost Jackie O-style. (This works particularly well for Rainbow Ponies - but don't tell them that, their heads are big enough already!) Others have long, curly Basinger-esque manes - and spend a long time tossing their hair. However, some ponies want something different. Here are some I have tried with success:

Peachy likes my plaits!Plaits
I am currently sporting some lovely Boy Georgian plaits - four along my mane and three in my tail, tied together at the end with a pretty yellow ribbon. Blossom has a simpler, and equally effective, classic plait in her tail. Not only do they complement us (and knock years off our age, I'm told by my good friend Fireball!) - they can offer hope to the straight-haired pony who longs for a bit of curl (try plaiting the tail when wet) and, conversely, calm down curly hair which has had a frizz attack.

A bow can be softening... Just like her idol...

Oooh, who doesn't love ribbons! (And it's a good thing too, otherwise Bow Tie would be down the DSS!) Tied simply at the top of our tails, plaited through them or in a big bow at the bottom. Floppy bows around the neck are big this season in Ponyland, though a little conservative for my taste. Majesty loves them - maybe it's connected to her ardent admiration for Margaret Thatcher.

Loops (take the end of a tail, loop it up to the start and fix with a ribbon or clip) are slightly passe this season, but still popular in some 'hind' quarters!

Fashionable Frizz!Frizz
The Perfume Puff ponies are delighted that Macy Gray's rise to stardom has made the 'puff' hairstyle top fashion news. However, ponies who don't have this naturally are advised to stay away - what if you change your minds, girls?

You paid *how* much?Some unfortunate ponies have been shorn by their previous owners. However, David Beckham's shaven headed look has given the male recipients of this treatment new hope. And Posh's lawnmower effort does the same for the ladies. Again, don't try this at home. People might think you *wanted* to look like that.

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Peachy loves making the other ponies pretty!
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