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Learning with ponies...
at the Schoolhouse!

At the My Little Pony Schoolhouse, we try to give our ponies the best start in life, by providing them with a rounded education that will help them succeed in later life.

Ponies Through History is the first in several planned lessons, helping ponies learn through pictures. Suggestions for historical scenes not covered within are always welcome.

80 Ponies Around the World is a geography lesson, showing pictures of ponies who have travelled to places all over the globe. The baby ponies love to learn about new places - send us a picture and we may add it to the lesson!

Pony Biology teaches ponies how to tell the difference between themselves and fakie ponies.

And we've updated our syllabus with Pony Products - teaching the ponies business studies just in case they need to diversify one day...

Coming soon: Ponies from Literature; Pony Math; Modern Languages; The Science Lab...

Playtime says, "All work and no play makes you a dull pony!"
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