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fakie babies
  Fakie babies. Aaah or aargh?!?

Get your Fakie fix here!

Many of my friends and family keep their eyes open for ponies when they're out and about. Some have helped me pay for auctions before Paypal appeared, others have carried ponies around the world for me. Some have taken photos, helped me take photos or scavenged through charity shops or car boot sales with me.

My most avid collector, however, is definitely my father. However, although he has received much training in "How to Spot a Pony", he always brings home bundles of fakies along with the real thing. He claims it's 'cause he's not sure he can tell the difference, but I know that it's really because he feels sorry for them.

Once a fakie enters my collection, I don't tend to get rid of it. They aren't pretty, but they do have a certain appeal. Here are some of my fakies.

Eggy Fakie is a Lanard. She gets her name from the fried egg symbol on her back - and it looks like she's trodden in some, too.
Perhaps Hoss's manufacturers thought they could make up for his lack of appeal with a light-up button on his front. Let's face it, gimmicks don't work. A Soma fakie.
Oh heavens. Jello Fakie, a My Lovely Pony (!!), is brand new. That doesn't stop her hair feeling really greasy. Her permanent surprised expression is a mark of her low intelligence.
Gnomie Fakie is a Soma. Some people actually collect these. I think he looks icky. However, there's something nearly cute about him.

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